Police inspector feared boy's video was for terrorism, court told (150 อ่าน)

5 ต.ค. 2565 12:42

Police inspector feared boy's video was for terrorism, court told

A police inspector confronted a teenager filming a police station in case the footage was put online "for terrorist purposes," a court heard.

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South Wales Police officer Dean Gittoes, 49, denies a charge of assaulting the 16-year-old by beating.

He was not on duty when he arrested the boy under the Terrorism Act but at the station to pick up a phone.

Newport Magistrates Court heard that he believed people who filmed police stations did so to "to cause trouble".

"It was a sunny day, he was dressed all in black, my belief was he was concealing his face and there was no reason for him to be filming the entrance," Insp Gittoes said.

'Auditing' group

The teenager has told the court he was part of an "auditing" group in which people film police and official buildings. The videos are put online, and interactions with officers highlighted.

Insp Gittoes told the court he believed auditors intended to harass and cause problems.

The teenager was released from custody without charge the same day.

Insp Gittoes was asked about a previous encounter with an "auditor" in June 2021 which was filmed and uploaded to YouTube.

He said on that occasion he had not arrested the man, saying he didn't think he did not think he had "enough" to.

'Dangerous scenarios'

The court heard officers were told to let "auditors" film.

Insp Gittoes told the court he felt that that brought about "dangerous scenarios".

The court heard a recording from the boy's phone in which the officer could be heard talking.

"Six weeks ago I dealt with someone like this and the bosses so far think it's a joke," he could be heard saying.

"Anyone I catch now I don't give them a chance."




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