'Ongoing police engagement' over staff safety (195 อ่าน)

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'Ongoing police engagement' over staff safety

Queen's University Belfast has said the PSNI has "ongoing engagement" with university security to "ensure the safety and welfare" of staff.

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The university made the comments in response to a statement from solicitors in respect of Prof Colin Harvey.

KRW Law said Prof Harvey had faced "a sustained campaign of intimidation and harassment over several years".

QUB said a member of the university management had "ongoing contact" with Prof Harvey.

He is a professor of human rights law in the School of Law at Queen's University Belfast (QUB) and is a board member of the Ireland's Future organisation.

It has held a number of events to discuss planning for a united Ireland, most recently in the 3Arena in Dublin.

Prof Harvey also recently co-authored a report called Making a Case for Irish Unity in the EU.

It was commissioned by The Left in the European Parliament group, which includes MEPs from a number of countries including Ireland.

The report also had the QUB logo on the cover.

In a post on social media, DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson said that use of the university logo on the report was "very worrying" and he would raise it in a meeting with the QUB vice-chancellor Prof Ian Greer.




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