Police urge Queen mourners not to drive to Balmoral (89 อ่าน)

10 ก.ย. 2565 12:32

Police urge Queen mourners not to drive to Balmoral

Mourners travelling to Balmoral have been urged not to drive to the Aberdeenshire estate as it struggles to cope with visitor numbers.

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Well-wishers have been laying flowers at the gates since the Queen's death.

Police Scotland said there was no public parking and asked visitors to use nearby park-and-ride facilities.

The force also said mourners had been arriving in the remote area at night, and warned that it was "not the safest location" with little lighting.

The Queen's coffin will depart Balmoral estate in the coming days for the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

Ch Supt Kate Stephen said the number of people turning up at Balmoral to lay floral tributes was "fully expected and welcome".

But she said: "Our officers have had to ask people to leave the area to find alternative parking arrangements, which is the very last thing they want to do.

"A number of people turned up throughout the night to pay their respects and our officers on the ground were conscious that it was not the safest location to be so late.

"I would strongly recommend planning your visit during the park and ride times."




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