Adnan Syed and Serial: What you need to know (166 อ่าน)

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Adnan Syed and Serial: What you need to know

In 1999, Adnan Syed, a high school senior in Baltimore, Maryland, was convicted of strangling and killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee.

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The case - in which the prosecution painted Syed as a violent and jealous ex-lover who brutally killed a bright and talented young woman - made national headlines.

On Monday, a Maryland judge overturned his conviction and set a deadline for a new trial.

For nearly 25 years Syed has maintained his innocence. His case won a massive boost from an unlikely source - a podcast.

What is Serial?

More than a decade after Syed was sent to prison, Rabia Chaudry, a Baltimore-based lawyer and family friend of the Syeds, emailed a journalist named Sarah Koenig and asked her to re-investigate Lee's murder.

That email helped launch the first season of the podcast Serial. The show premiered in autumn 2014 and each episode tried to piece together a timeline of what happened the night Lee was killed.

"For the last year I've spent every working day trying to figure out where a high school kid was for an hour after school one day in 1999," Ms Koenig says in the first episode.

Only now, the "kids" she interviewed were adults and some of their stories had changed.

Why was the show so popular?

Serial helped ignite the popularity of podcasts. Ms Koenig's signature confessional style, as well as the true crime topic, kept listeners returning - and downloading - the show every week.

The first season of Serial has been downloaded more than 300 million times and the show is widely cited as one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

Though subsequent seasons of the show were less popular, in many ways, Ms Koenig and her team helped create the formula for a "bingeable" podcast.




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